Mrs C

From the initial consultation, it was clear that Kate was very client centred. She has provided physiotherapy for my grandfather and has listened to his concerns. She has supported him by liaising with the medical professionals and her communication with us has been excellent. Her care and knowledge have been very much appreciated – everything you want in a therapist!

Mr A

'I fell off my mountain bike and the following day it was extremely painful - trying to lift my head from my pillow and during the course of the day the tiniest of movements really hurt! After a couple of days I took heed of my supervisor at work, who suggested that I should ring Kate as she had fixed him on a number of occasions.

When Kate saw me she could immediately see that I had several misalignments in my pelvis and spine and manipulated my head, neck and arms to realign my spine. On the final move we both heard and felt that everything was back to where it should be and although I was slightly sore, the pain that had had me close to tears completely vanished.

Kate explained that although I would be sore for a few days, I would need to regularly take my neck through a range of movements/exercises. I did so and less than a week later I was back out racing my bike. I am surprised, yet pleased to say, that I have had no further pain or stiffness in my neck. Thanks Kate.'.

Mrs W

After visiting the NHS Physiotherapist and trying different exercises to alleviate my back pain (with no success), I contacted Kate Hargreaves. I suffered an injury to my upper back and shoulder as a result of an accident. I explained this to the NHS Therapist and he said I just had whiplash and would recover soon! I was in great pain. Kate listened to my concerns and examined my spine…she explained exactly what the problem was and fixed it within half an hour! My spine was slightly tender the next day (which she explained) but I have not had any problems with my back since then. She is extremely competent, considerate and highly professional. Would recommend her to anyone. She was fab!'